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WHAT'S OFFERED: Experienced health practitioners among our membership have volunteered to provide their services through the Sanctuary Health Program. This program focuses on companions' physical well-being, addressing issues such as balance, physical pain, nutrition, and cognitive decline. Health Program practitioners provide their services in person, except as noted.


FEES AND PAYMENT: Payment is on a sliding scale of $25 to $55 per session, depending upon your ability to pay. You may book up to ten health sessions per year (the total number of sessions with all providers). Pay for sessions through the Gift Shop website. Once you’ve used your ten sessions, you may arrange additional sessions privately with any practitioner.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you cannot attend your appointment, please inform the practitioner as soon as possible. As a courtesy to the practitioner and other companions, please provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel. Keep in mind that practitioners donate a limited number of appointments for companions, so please be considerate of others who may need that time. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, you are expected to pay for the appointment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our cancellation policy.


CONTACTING PRACTIONERS: Contact any health practitioner directly to ask questions or to schedule a session.





I’m a doctor of chiropractic medicine practicing with a functional medicine and integrative mind-body healthcare approach. My focus is on finding and supporting the resolution of underlying causes of health concerns for pain relief and optimal functioning and wellness. Of particular interest are good physical balance and robust immune system health.

On your first visit, I’ll conduct an initial consultation, examination, and assessment. Then, based on my findings, on your next visit I’ll make recommendations for addressing your primary health concerns. Treatment methods I offer include:

  • Directional Non-Force Technique chiropractic adjustments for properly adjusting your physical structure to remove nerve interference so your body can heal itself from within – soft, gentle, yet powerful healing

  • Neurological Integration System to identify and correct nervous system signaling faults, thus restoring internal systems communication for optimal health and functioning

  • Neuro Emotional Technique to correct the physiology of unresolved emotional stress patterns that cause health dysregulation  

  • Low-level laser therapy to reduce inflammation and pain and increase cellular energy for greater capacity for tissue repair, rejuvenation, and immunity

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Neurologic Assessment for Balance and immune functions


Giora Sq.jpg


This work is about gaining increased control as it relates to the body – learning practical ways to improve balance, deepen relaxation, and stand, bend, and walk with ease. In a series of sessions, my clients experience improvement, then apply what they’ve learned in their daily activities.


After fifty-eight years of practicing and training teachers, I’ve retired to focus on working with companions.


Who can benefit: 

  • Those experiencing neck or joint issues, muscular stiffness, limited movement

  • Those wishing to prevent injuries when working, exercising, sitting, bending, or walking

  • Those ​looking to speed up healing and recovery 

  • Those in good shape … yet seeking to “click refresh”


Hoda sq.jpg


Everything is energy in vibration – even what seems "physical". Thus for healing and health, it’s necessary to discover energy imbalances or blocks as well as harness holistic remedies, and adjust one’s emotional landscape. Twelve years of research, including sessions with leading holistic/integrative practitioners and my own outrageous health journey, revealed why most symptoms develop – and what it takes to resolve them.

Health improvement is a continuous process that involves various stages. No matter what stage you’re in, I can help you discover the best holistic path for preventing illness and disease, resolving symptoms, and restoring and maintaining good health. Each person’s health journey is unique.

We’ll work toward optimizing your overall well-being by taking an expanded approach that acknowledges the effects of the mind on the body, and addresses more than just symptoms. Some of my offerings:

  •  Uncovering subconscious “programs” that may be affecting your health

  •  Prevention through nutrition and lifestyle (requires blood work)

  • In-person near-infrared biophotonic treatments to resolve pain, inflammation, bone and muscle trauma, fractures, and neuropathy, and their root causes

  • Tailored supplement recommendations


FORMAT: Offered in person or via Zoom


Health challenges and the uncertainties of aging may leave us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and isolated. It can also be a time in life for building resilience, finding meaning, and making healthier lifestyle choices.

As a registered nurse and a health coach, I offer practical guidance to people struggling with physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges. From fears of loss to the dilemmas of chronic health conditions, I can support you in identifying your own inner strengths for optimizing your health and well-being. My body-mind approach draws on reliable, research-based strategies including chronic pain management, nutrition, qigong, mindfulness, and self-compassion practices. If needed, I can help you sort through medical information and communicate wisely with your health-care providers.

Together we can explore the opportunities hidden in any health challenge and focus on bringing ease and harmony to body, heart, and mind.

You can expect strict confidentiality, non-judgment, and a welcoming advocate.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Individual coaching, caregiver support, end-of-life support




I’m a doctor of acupuncture and a certified herbalist. Licensed in 1999, I practice natural forms of medicine that help people access internal strength, balance, and health. I studied at three hospitals in China and have master’s and doctoral degrees from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I worked as an acupuncturist in the ER at Kaiser and for the Center for Elders’ Independence in the Bay Area, and I have an advanced certification in facial rejuvenation acupuncture. I’ve been a professor of Chinese herbal medicine for over twenty years, teaching at various medical schools in the Bay Area.



I offer treatments specific to slowing down the aging process in the body, focusing on:

  • Ear acupuncture to lower blood pressure 

  • Scalp acupuncture for better balance, walking, and preventing falls 

  • Cupping and gua sha to reduce arthritis and inflammation

  • Facial rejuvenation acupuncture



I’m a zhineng oigong and Reiki teacher offering individual sessions and classes to support your wellness. 

Zhineng (wisdom) Qigong engages the body, mind, and heart. It’s designed for people of all ages and physical abilities to promote healing and optimize energy within the body, mind, and spirit. 


Reiki is an ancient Japanese method that supports the flow of transition from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system, creating a deep state of relaxation where healing can occur. 


SESSION DESCRIPTION: Sessions will combine both Qigong and  Reiki either via Zoom or at a location to be determined.

Marla Lerner-Powers.jpg

I am a doctor of chiropractic taking a multi-therapeutic approach to health care.


SESSION DESCRIPTION: Visits are collaborative and based on real-time testing of the nervous system.



I am a practitioner of Rosen Method bodywork, a hands-on approach to deep relaxation that explores the experiences and processes that led to patterns of tension held in the body.  Through a unique combination of touch and talk, a person may have thoughts, images, feelings, sensations, or memories that arise connected to past situations and/or events.  As relaxation deepens, there are often changes in the rhythm of the breath that accompany the expansion of awareness. 

Over time, a series of Rosen Method sessions may bring about:

  • More ease,

  • Less embodied stress,

  • More flexibility, and

  • More capacity to navigate the challenges of daily life

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Rosen Method Bodywork



Please let my office know you are part of the Sufi Companion program.


As a practitioner with over twenty-five years of experience, I offer personalized sessions using applied kinesiology (AK) to help patients find relief from pain and improve their health. AK uses muscle testing to pinpoint the underlying cause of issues, revealing what’s working and what’s not. Whether it’s a new or chronic problem, I offer a variety of techniques to address each patient’s needs.


Sessions include a combination of chiropractic, extremity adjusting (feet, wrists, elbows, knees, shoulders, and hip), injury-recall technique, neuromuscular reeducation, deep-tissue work, fascial release, massage, cranial-sacral, and temporomandibular joint techniques. I may also use emotional balancing techniques and may recommend nutritional, herbal, or other supplements as needed due to the relationship between ill health and muscle/joint imbalances. 


Patients who have struggled to find relief elsewhere often come to me as a last resort.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Addressing the Root Cause of Pain by working on the triad of health for structural, biochemical, and/or emotional imbalances



I offer nutrition coaching with evidence-based recommendations emphasizing whole food.

Offerings may include:


  • Disease prevention through lifestyle and nutrition

  • Medical nutrition therapy for common chronic issues, assessing recent labs, medications, and patient history.


I am a registered dietitian nutritionist credentialed in diabetes-care management. I embrace

the “food as medicine” model to improve many health conditions and to optimize health. 


After twenty years of teaching and offering medical nutrition therapy at Kaiser, I have recently

retired and look forward to working with companions. In the last ten years, my focus as a care manager has been diabetes, hypertension, kidney issues, heart disease, healthy weight, and wellness programs.



Depending on the topic, whether it’s related to wellness, a chronic condition, or recent lab results, we’ll assess the next steps to optimize your nutrition. Possible highlights of the nutrition- care process:


  • First, Identify the nutrition/lifestyle topic for consultation

  • Review your food preferences and eating pattern

  • List your health issues and diagnoses, current medications, and supplements

  • Review recent lab results

  • Develop a plan of care

  • Follow up as needed


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates


FORMAT: Offered in person or via Zoom



I am an Alexander Technique instructor, teaching effortless uprightness in everyday movements. Students typically come to me with chronic pain, postural issues, or loss of coordination and/or balance. I usually include gait training and workstation ergonomics in my lessons. I became a student of this work when I had chronic neck pain, and I have benefitted in ways I could not have imagined.


Alexander Technique:

  • Reduces the impact of aging

  • Improves both physical and mental coordination

  • Reduces the likelihood of falling


SESSION DESCRIPTION: Change the Mind, Change the Body

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